What is a Baking Sheet

What Is a Baking Sheet?



What Is a Baking Sheet? Types, Sizes, Uses and More

Baking sheets are rectangular, flat trays you place in an oven to cook or bake various meals and desserts. Baking sheets are also called sheet pans, baking pans or baking trays.

Baking sheets have low sides along the tray's perimeter, differentiating baking sheets from other pans like cake pans or casserole dishes — which are deeper — and from cookie sheets, which only have one raised rim.

Investing in a quality baking sheet can be a game-changer for anyone who loves being in the kitchen or wants to start cooking. Baking sheets are a must-have tool in the kitchen for these key reasons:

  • Sheet pan meals are easy to cook.
  • Sheet pans come in several sizes and materials.
  • Baking pans are versatile, perfect for both cooking and baking.
  • Baking sheets contain food to prevent mess and are easy to clean.

Best of all, you can explore countless delicious recipes with your baking sheet.

Different Sizes of Baking Sheets

Part of what makes these trays so versatile is their assortment of sizes. Some baking sheets are so large that they are only suitable for commercial kitchens, while others have such small dimensions that you may only be able to cook or bake one-portion meals.

Full-Size Baking Sheets

Full-size baking sheets typically measure 26-by-18 inches and are over an inch deep. These large sheet pans may not fit into a standard home kitchen. Full-size pans are designed for the professional cooking and baking industries. Restaurants and bakeries use full-size baking sheets to cook in large batches. Unlike home kitchens, these kitchens have commercial ovens to fit a full-size sheet pan.

If you have a big oven at home and want a larger tray for catering, you could opt for a two-thirds sheet pan, which measures around 22-by-16 inches.

Half Baking Pans

Half-size baking sheets are half the size of full sheet pans at 18-by-13 inches and feature a rim of around an inch.

Half-size baking sheets are ideal for home baking since they fit well in most home ovens. Half-size baking sheets also make an excellent stand-in for cookie sheets. You can easily bake cookies and sheet cakes on a half-sized sheet pan or use these trays for family dinner recipes like roasted chicken, vegetables and potatoes.

Quarter Baking Sheets

Quarter baking sheets are small trays measuring about 13-by-9 inches and an inch deep. These trays are excellent for cooking small batches of cookies, toasting nuts or roasting vegetables.

Eighth Baking Sheets

An eighth-sized baking sheet is small but may be handy for specific dishes. One of the best uses for these sheet pans is portioning meals or cooking for one. Eighth-sized sheet pans measure approximately 6.5-by-9 inches.

Different Types of Baking Sheets

You can find baking sheets in different materials that offer different benefits.

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel sheet pans are durable, will not rust and do not stain. They conduct heat very well and are dishwasher-safe. However, stainless steel baking sheets can be expensive and may also leech metals into food


Glass baking sheets may not be the norm, but they offer some benefits. Glass is not a strong conductor but excellent for retaining heat. Glass baking sheets are ideal for recipes that can be baked slowly and evenly. 


Copper is a good choice for meals that need to be baked quickly and evenly, as copper is an excellent heat conductor. Copper also has an eye-catching, vibrant color that looks beautiful in the kitchen. On the downside, copper is less durable than other baking sheet materials and more difficult to clean. 


Silicone is one of the more popular materials for bakeware thanks to its nonstick qualities and affordable price. Silicone is also easy to clean. However, evidence shows silicone may release hormone-disrupting chemicals when exposed to high temperatures.


Pure ceramic baking trays are eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them ideal for health-conscious individuals and families.

One of the best materials for baking sheets and cookware is ceramic. Pure ceramic baking trays are eco-friendly and non-toxic, making them ideal for health-conscious individuals and families. Here are some of the many advantages of using pure ceramic sheet pans for your cooking and baking:

  • Baking sheets made from pure ceramics are durable and resilient.
  • Ceramic retains its quality over the years and can last generations.
  • Ceramic is oven-friendly, refrigerator- and freezer-friendly, and dishwasher-safe — check your manufacturer's instructions, as hand-painted dishes are not suitable for dishwashing.
  • Baking sheets made from pure ceramics do not scratch — you do not need to use specific utensils like wooded spoons or plastic spatulas to maintain their surfaces.
  • Ceramic can take longer to heat up, but it retains heat well, which helps cook food more evenly. 
  • Ceramic is easy to clean and does not hold flavors or odors from previous meals. 
  • Baking sheets made with ceramic are less sticky, making cooking and cleaning more enjoyable and easy. 
  • Ceramic dishes are pleasing to the eye and make a beautiful addition to the décor on your table setting.
  • Ceramic sheet pans are better for your health as they are non-toxic, and non-reactive.

Recipe Ideas for Ceramic Baking Sheets

Get your baking sheet out if you are in the mood for a quick, easy dinner that requires little cleaning up! You can cook endless scrumptious meals using your baking sheet and bake desserts your family and guests will love. Here are a few sweet and savory ideas for sheet pan recipes: 


Here are some of our favorite desserts that use sheet pans:

  • Blondies or brownies
  • Carrot sheet cake
  • Chocolate bark
  • Frozen fruit and yogurt slabs
  • Lemon bars
  • Marble cake
  • No-bake cheesecakes
  • Oatmeal cookie bars
  • Peanut butter fingers
  • Pecan slab pie
  • Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting
  • Pumpkin spice cookies


You can prepare many dinners and side dishes using a sheet pan:

  • Diced chicken with broccoli and sweet potatoes
  • Fish and chips
  • Fish and potato bake
  • Focaccia with toppings of choice
  • Loaded roast potato boats
  • Pan-roasted vegetables
  • Quesadillas
  • Roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables
  • Sheet pan salmon and vegetables
  • Sheet pan sausage
  • Sheet pan steak with fries or vegetables
  • Smashed potatoes
  • Tofu and vegetables

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