7 Ways Home Cooking Beats Eating Out

7 Ways Home Cooking Beats Eating Out



7 Ways Home Cooking Beats Eating Out

You go to a restaurant or order takeout when you aren't in the mood to cook or want to try something different and exciting. However, there's a distinct trend away from eating out as more people realize the benefits of home cooking. Healthy, toxin-free food is becoming a priority for many families. In the eating at home vs. eating out debate, controlling what we put in our bodies and how much we spend on food is more of a priority than ever. 

Though home-cooked meals require additional planning, preparation and effort, they can be healthier and more accessible in the following ways.

1. Focus on Healthy, Nontoxic Foods

Restaurant foods are less healthy and more energy-dense than those you cook at home. Home cooking gives you total control over what you put in your body. You can leave out processed, artificial ingredients, added salt and sugar and trans fats. You can even choose healthier cookware for your family and eliminate toxic chemicals. When you control your menu from start to finish, you can also avoid allergic reactions you might experience when you don't know all the ingredients in a particular dish. 

You can even choose healthier cookware for your family and eliminate toxic chemicals.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones

Eating at home fosters positive family relationships and better psychosocial health in children. Cooking together is a valuable opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones, taking time out of your busy lives. There's nothing more comforting than a plate of home-cooked food after a long day at work. You can discover new recipes together, learning about each other as you go. 

3. Save Time

Going to a restaurant means getting dressed, piling in the car and waiting for your order. Then, you still have to pay and travel home. All the extra driving and waiting can take much longer than preparing and eating a meal at home. With some planning, you can keep cooking time to a minimum and still enjoy healthy meals. 

4. Stick to Your Diet

Americans get roughly a third of their calories from foods outside their homes. Restaurant foods have more calories, sodium and saturated fat than home-cooked meals. When you make meals in your kitchen, you control the calories and portion sizes, which makes it easier to stick to a food plan. You know your food preferences better than anyone, and you can make your healthy meals appealing while avoiding unnecessary calories. 

5. Save Money

Food prices away from home climbed 8.6% in 2023, and the extra expenditure is one of many reasons American diners have been eating out less. Planning your meals and buying inexpensive staples like rice, pasta and beans is often more cost-effective than purchasing single dishes at restaurants. You may also have leftovers when you cook at home, which you can enjoy for lunch or dinner the next day. 

6. Get Creative

Eating at a restaurant means choosing from a list of set meals. When you cook a meal from scratch, you can get creative and experiment with seasonings and international cuisines. Put on your favorite music and experiment with new recipes and fusion options. 

7. Boost Your Mental Health

Cooking is a skill, and when you nurture it, it encourages creativity and engages your senses. Feeding an appreciative crowd also provides immediate gratification. Anecdotal evidence suggests cooking can help relieve depression symptoms, giving you a goal and restoring your mental balance. Even cooking a simple meal can alleviate stress by building nourishment and sharpening your cooking skills. 

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Home Cooking

Despite the many benefits of eating at home, figuring out where to start can take time. The following tips and tricks can simplify your switch to home cooking. 

Keep It Simple

Start with whole foods, affordable ingredients and simple recipes, then build from there. Avoid setting yourself up for failure in the early stages and rely on meals you already know. Once you feel comfortable in the kitchen, start getting creative, experimenting with different flavors. 


It's tempting to order restaurant food when you don't have a plan at the end of a busy day. Decide on your meals a week in advance and prepare as many components ahead of time as possible. You can choose whether you create a detailed menu or have a general idea of your options, but take the time to ensure you always have a simple meal option available for days when you don't have much energy or enthusiasm for cooking. 

Shop Wisely

While buying fresh produce is always ideal, don't forget about healthy frozen options. They are often as nutritious, more convenient and less expensive. Fill your pantry with long-lasting options like quinoa and pasta to always have a quick alternative when running low on groceries. Keep plenty of your favorite spices available to whip up something tasty. 

Mix It Up

If you feel stuck in a rut when cooking at home, mix up your protein and cook with global flavors to avoid the temptation of restaurant food. 

Use the Right Equipment

Cooking and eating are more enjoyable with safe, reliable and easy-to-use equipment. Ceramic cookware is entirely nontoxic, and long-lasting. Ceramic is also lightweight compared to cast-iron alternatives and distributes heat evenly for a pleasant cooking experience every time. 

Enjoy the Process

Home cooking is better for your body, wallet and health. Shift your mindset and look at cooking as self-care instead of a chore. Find the simple enjoyment in preparing fresh produce, experimenting with new flavors and sharing your discoveries with friends and family. 

Mindful eating can be a challenge when you're used to ordering out. However, making conscious eating decisions becomes a form of nurturing yourself and the people around you. Choose foods and flavors you love and savor them. Make the process enjoyable from the start to your last mouthful, and you'll start to see the difference. 

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