Can Xtrema Products Be Used on the Grill?

Can Xtrema Products Be Used on the Grill?


On a beautiful sunny day, there's nothing better than getting outside and making delicious food on the grill. With the right tools and equipment, you can grill an entire meal with all of the fixings. Of course, high-heat cookware is essential for smaller foods that would otherwise fall through the grate, which is why Xtrema ceramic cookware pairs perfectly with your grill for the ultimate summer barbecue. 

Is Xtrema Cookware Grill-Safe?

Traditional metal cookware would be destroyed in high-heat environments like your grill. Xtrema ceramic cookware is triple-fired and ultra-purified at 2,500 degrees, so it's made to withstand high temperatures. Our 100% pure ceramic cookware works on all types of cooking surfaces, from ovens and microwaves to your grill. Unlike cast iron, ceramic cookware is extremely easy to clean and doesn't leach metals into your food. When you're finished grilling with Xtrema cookware, you can just put it in the dishwasher! 

Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Grilling

All Xtrema ceramic pots, pans and skillets are compatible with your grill. We recommend the following products for your next cookout: 

Versa Pan 

Our durable Versa Pan is perfect for grilling! The 100% pure ceramic base and lid seal in heat for braising, baking and everything in between. The Versa's short handles make it easier to fit inside your grill without the worry of a long handle being too big to close the lid. You can use the Versa Pan on your grill to sauté peppers and onions, sear salmon, heat baked beans and anything else you would normally do on the stove. 


Some people use cast iron skillets on top of their grill to give steaks, burgers and seafood a crusty sear. The Xtrema Signature Skillet creates the same effect without leaching heavy metals or toxins into your food. Plus, the zero-maintenance ceramic surface is a lot easier to keep clean. Use it on your grill to sear, sauté and fry your favorite foods all summer long! 

Grill Pan 

Another product worth mentioning is the Xtrema Grill Pan. It offers the same barbecued look as a real grill, whether you're cooking in the toaster oven, campfire or stove. You can also use our 100% ceramic grill plate with your gas or charcoal grill to prevent small pieces from falling through the grate. The Xtrema Grill Pan is perfect for searing shrimp, veggies and even flatbread pizza. 

Order Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Grilling Season

Once you experience Xtrema ceramic cookware, you'll want to use it everywhere! Fortunately, it works great on all cooking services, including the grill. Our 100% nontoxic pots and pans are durable, easy to clean and versatile. With ceramic cookware, you can impress your family and make delicious appetizers, sides and even desserts without stepping away from your grill. Order Xtrema ceramic cookware to make your summer barbecues even better! 

Order Xtrema Ceramic Cookware for Grilling Season

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Versa Pan


From braising to baking and everything in between like chilling fresh Oysters, our 100% ceramic Versa Pan does it all! If there is one piece of cookware you need, this is it. Never toxic and always handcrafted, our durable Versa Pan goes from the stove to the grill and even the campfire. Feel good knowing the food you serve your family every day is safe and free of harmful chemicals. Even better? Our Versa Pan is dishwasher safe! *For Reference Oysters are being Chilled in 12-inch Versa (largest size)*