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3.3-Liter Versa Pot Pre-order

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Cooking has never been easier than with our Xtrema 3.3-Liter Versa pot. Enjoy the revolutionary versatility that this pot brings into your life. Cook a variety of meals from bone broth to rice and beans, we’ve got you covered. Featuring a secure and sturdy lid, you can prepare a variety of meals, either on the stove or in the oven. Our 3.3-liter Versa pot weighs in at 2.2kg, meaning it is light enough for easy use, but sturdy enough to withstand everyday use. It features easy-grab handles, for transport and handling. As with all of our products, it also is dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for leftover night.
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Features & Specs
Length 30.5cm
Width 25.4cm
Height 16.5cm
Capacity 3.3L
Weight 2.5kg
Healthy through and through.

Making the switch from metal to ceramic is one that your family will thank you for. Our Xtrema 3.5-quart Versa pot is made with 100% pure ceramic, made without those harmful chemicals and toxins that can leach into your food. Instead, its non-scratch, allowing you to use with a variety of non-metal utensils, and your food will taste better without anything flaking into it during the cooking process. We use inorganic minerals, and finish with a high-polish glaze which means it not only looks great, but it’s great for the environment! Finally, cook with it practically anywhere, from the oven to the microwave to the stovetop.

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3.3-Liter Versa Pot
3.3-Liter Versa Pot Pre-order

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