Finally, quality cookware without the chemicals

You shop the perimeter at grocery stores and frequent the local farmers market. Perhaps you're a member of a CSA or invest in produce from a regenerative farm. So why are you still preparing this life-giving food with unhealthy cookware?

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You may have a toxic relationship with your cookware

A recent study revealed that a single scratch on a non-stick pan could release 9,100 microparticles into your food. These particles, typically PFAS or "forever chemicals," stay in our bodies and never break down in the environment. Very small amounts of PFAS have been linked to cancer, reproductive issues, immune system harm, and other diseases. So what can you do?

  • do your homework
  • beware of flashy insta-famous cookware brands
  • stay away from anything that will scratch, flake or leach
  • trust the experts

Do you know what's in your cookware?

We do. Xtrema is made from the natural combination of clay, water and heat. It's as simple and clean as cookware can get. No synthetic coatings, no harmful dyes, no metal leaching. It's pure ceramic cookware.

  • pure ceramic, never made with metal
  • no synthetic coatings or dyes
  • no extractable lead or cadmium
  • FDA Certified & California Prop 65 compliant

Experience the Xtrema difference

Xtrema is for people who love to cook, eat and enjoy precious time around the table. We don't take shortcuts and we don't compromise health for convenience. This is a revolution ten-thousand years in the making. Join the numerous people who made the switch from toxic throw-away cookware - the path to taking control of your own health begins with Xtrema.

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10-Year Warranty

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Safe to use wherever you cook, clean, serve or preserve

Where durability, versatility and practicality meet non-toxic, safe and healthy cooking.

regular or glass* Stove Tops
Toaster Oven
Steamer Oven
Convection Oven
Microwave Oven
Grill or campfire
*Do not slide cookware across surface – it may scratch your stove. Not for use with an induction stove – that requires magnetic metal cookware

questions we're often asked

Xtrema does not use any synthetic or hydrophobic coatings, so technically it is not "non-stick." However, with a little effort and the right amount of fat and heat, anyone can learn to cook effectively on Xtrema's super smooth all-ceramic surface.

While Xtrema looks and performs a lot like cast iron, there are some notable differences: (1) Xtrema's cooking surface is super smooth making it easier to clean; (2) Xtrema is 30-40% lighter than cast iron; (3) there is no need to season Xtrema after each use; (4) Xtrema will not rust or corrode; and (5) ceramic is non-reactive to acidic foods, so food naturally tastes better when cooked with Xtrema.

We designed Xtrema products to be exceptionally easy to clean. For best results while cleaning your Xtrema cookware you can use any non-metal scour pad or natural fiber scrub brush for more stuck on stains. For gentle cleaning you can use any type of silicone scrubbing pad or brush. Our ceramic surface is harder than metal therefore it cannot be scratched. However, it can leave metal residue or markings behind.

Just like any other houseware product that is made of glass or ceramic, Xtrema can chip or break if it is mishandled or dropped. That said, our products are extremely durable and built to last. So if you take care of Xtrema, it can last a lifetime!

No, just wash with soapy water, rinse and you are ready to cook.

Xtrema is heavier than the standard ceramic coated pan because these products use an aluminum "substrate" or base and our cookware is 100% pure ceramic. Compared with cast iron however, Xtrema is approximately 40% lighter making it much more manageable in the kitchen. All of the specifications are listed on each individual product page.

Yes! Xtrema can withstand temperatures up to 2,500 degrees fahrenheit, so put it in the oven or directly over the fire at your next Barbecue.

Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware is made of 100% natural minerals, clay and water. It is triple-fired in a custom natural gas kiln at 2,500 degrees fahrenheit.

No. Xtrema is the healthiest cookware available - it contains two simple ingredients: clay and water. There are no glues, polymers, dyes, or synthetic coatings. Not only does Xtrema not contain lead or cadmium, it it not made with metal at all. And Xtrema is free of PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, or any so-called sol-gel "ceramic" coatings. For more information, please visit our testing page:

No. Because colored cookware often contains synthetic dyes and chemicals that can leach into your food, we stay away from flashy colors. Also, Xtrema's classic black is timeless and doesn't show age or fade prominently as other cookware brands that market colors.

Yes! We offer a 10-year limited warranty on all of our cookware, bakeware and teaware. We also offer a forever replacement program - if your product breaks we will replace it for a new one. Please refer to our warranty page for more detailed information.

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