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Debra Lynn Dadd Green Living Q & A

Hey Xtrema Friends–

Check out this interesting article on Debra Lynn Dadd’s Blog about stainless steal and how it leaches into your foods and beverages. This article is full of information and will really make you think about what you are cooking with…

Remember, Xtrema Cookware is made of 100% Ceramic, making it non-reactive and 100% non-toxic. Xtrema Cookware is the healthiest cookware in the world.

Here is a brief intro to Debra Lynn Dadd’s Blog on stainless steal;

Stainless Steel Leaching into Food and Beverages

“Since I receive so many questions on this blog pertaining to products made from stainless steel, I thought I’d give you some background about what stainless steel is and how it leaches into various foods and beverages.

Steel is used to make a wide variety of industrial, construction, and consumer products. The largest use by far for consumer products is to make auto bodies and “tin cans” (actually made of steel with a very thin protective coating of tin), although it is also used to make appliances, cutlery, flatware, razor blades, cookware, water bottles, and many other items.”
— Debra Lynn Dadd

Please read this eye opening and informative blog at this link, and let us know what you think?



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