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Using Ceramic for Catering

Catering any event, big or small, is a big job for anyone. Good food brings people together, and caterers are tasked with not only preparing that food but providing excellent customer service as well. Whether you specialize in concession catering, corporate events, social events, or weddings, the cookware and cooking tools you decide to use in the kitchen play a key role in the outcome. If you have never heard about the benefits of using ceramic cookware, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make better-tasting dishes for your clientele and save staff from cleaning up for hours after an event. If you might consider using ceramic for catering in the future, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we explore the advantages of using ceramic cookware for catered events.

Using Ceramic for Catering

Using Ceramic for Catering

Proper planning is essential to successful catering, and choosing cookware is something you can do well in advance of a catered event. When it comes to cookware that is consistent, durable, easy to clean, and sustainable, nothing can beat ceramic cookware. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of ceramic that make it a catering candidate.

Consistency: Nothing can turn a crowd away from the buffet table quite like inedible appetizers or underdone cuts of meat. Fortunately, you will never have to worry about uneven cooking ever again once you switch to ceramic cookware for catering. Ceramic cookware has infrared heating properties and utilizes (FIR) Far Infrared Energy, similar to the energy produced by the sun, to heat foods from both the inside and outside simultaneously, allowing you to gain an array of natural flavors while also increasing the nutritional value of each meal you prepare for the hungry crowd.

Durability: Whether you are preparing a five-course meal for a wedding or a celebratory buffet for a retirement party, the cookware you use should be versatile and resilient enough to handle a variety of dishes or cooking methods. Pure ceramic pots and pans are formed in high-pressure casting molds and then triple-fired at 2,500 degrees for added strength and durability. This process simultaneously makes our ceramic pots and pans suitable for use on almost any cooking surface. You can easily prepare side dishes in the microwave or oven while you quickly prepare the main dish on the grill or stovetop. Best of all, you can store any leftovers directly in your ceramic cookware. Unlike non-stick metal cookware, ceramic cookware features a natural ceramic glaze that prevents breakage from thermal shock.

Easy to Clean: Caterers and dishwashers are some of the unsung heroes behind the scenes at special events. One thing you can do to make cleanup easier on you and your staff members is by using ceramic for catering. Ceramic cookware is inherently non-stick without the use of harmful PFOA and PTFE coatings. Although we highly recommend hand-washing your ceramic cookware with warm, soapy water, you can also pop our saucepans, skillets, stock pots, and woks into the dishwasher for a hands-free cleanup experience.

Sustainability: When prospective clients start searching for catering companies to cater their events, sustainability and environmental awareness play an important part in their final decision to hire. If your potential clients care about where their ingredients come from, chances are that they will also care about the materials you use to cook the food for their events. Ceramic cookware is perfectly safe for the environment and suitable for green, healthy cooking. Unlike metal and other materials, ceramic does not contain any non-stick coating or harmful chemicals, so nothing can scratch or flake off into the food that's been prepared. Whether you cook on-site or you rent kitchen space, the infrared heating properties of ceramic will also help you to reduce your energy usage overall.

Although last-minute order changes and equipment failures are the realities that all catering professionals face on a daily basis, a lot can be impacted by the type of cookware you choose to use for an event. Make the smartest decision for your business by using ceramic for catering. We offer a wide selection of ceramic cookware and cooking accessories, including pans, pots, skillets, woks, baking dishes, Dutch ovens, and more. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware today for additional information or further assistance.

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